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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
31st-Mar-2017 07:44 pm
maddie_pink rose_roji
Today's good thing: I was so productive today!

I got up early, went by the eye doctor's(Southern Eyecare, they're so awesome!) to get a new nose piece for my glasses(I had a run-in with a box of diapers at work yesterday). They replaced it for me, and while I was there, I mentioned I had what I thought was a stye on the inside of my eyelid, but it wasn't going away like it should. They'd had a cancellation and I actually got to see the doctor. Turns out it's a blocked gland that's now infected, so I got a prescription for drops and an antibiotic.

I dropped that off at Walmart, got groceries, and possibly a marked down Hydrangea and another Geranium.

I dropped everything off here, picked up lunch for my uncle and headed to Rhine, visited him, and on the way home, I saw a pink Honeysuckle by the side of the road. Does anyone know what these are? They're a tree type Honeysuckle and have beautiful pink blooms that smell heavenly, and take me back to childhood. Daddy used to take us in the woods in the spring(there were two of these Honeysuckles in the woods), to gather them and dogwoods. I picked some, and saw that there was a small one that I managed to pull up. I planted it, we'll see what happened.

When I got back here, I got my prescriptions, and came home.

Where I planted all my goodies from today while J got the lawnmower running so I could cut the grass.
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