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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
14th-Feb-2017 06:40 pm
maddie_pink rose_roji
Today's good thing: wow. Work wasn't awful. It was just that I spent most of the day doing freight, and then we got to unload a truck we'll probably get to work most of tomorrow. I know what the bad thing was: my SIM card died and I'm going to be without phone, texting and internet until Friday. J cheered me up with my Valentine gifts: a homemade card, a stuffed unicorn, a tiny sloth, chocolate roses and Ferrer Rocher. I'm calling it a night soon and hoping tomorrow is a good day.

Big thanks to mrs_sweetpeach for the lovely Valentine's card.

Oh! We had spaghetti, salad, and Pioneer Woman's olive cheese bread for dinner. J, who doesn't even like bread, really liked it.
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