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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
5th-Dec-2016 06:30 pm
xmas pink balls
I had an interesting text conversation with the Hazlehurst Subway manager. Everyone in RL has heard me whine about this... the last time I went in there, and ordered the same as always, 2 footlong ham and turkey subs, no drinks, no chips, which is usually $14.58. This time it was a little over $21. I asked why it was so much, and the three employees who were there told me prices had gone up. I told them I loved Subway, but I wouldn't be coming back, I could do homemade ones cheaper. I was curious, and contacted Subway on their site and asked, why the sudden price increase, and how much I hated that I wouldn't be getting subs there anymore.

The manager contacted me this morning(at 8am, which I didn't appreciate, it was raining and I was asleep) and said she wanted to make it right. I told her she hadn't done anything wrong, I was just unwilling to pay $10+ dollars for a sub. She asked me to explain what happened. And then told me it should've only been $14.58. She also wanted to know when this happened and what time of day. Not sure what's going on - - miscommunication, employees overcharging and keeping the profit? Who knows. I'll go there again eventually and see what happens.
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