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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
27th-Nov-2016 07:48 pm
Today's good thing: I had a good, productive day. J, not so much - - he had a migraine all day.

I painted my white tree today. anyone who knows me in RL and saw me in the last few days has heard me whine about how my white Christmas tree turned yellow. I took it outside to paint it, and it's actually not as yellow as I thought. The crappy light in the living room, with the off-white paneling was making it worse. I did paint it with some Krylon paint for plastic.

I also raked some leaves. Just enough to get them into a spot accessible by mower, then I cut them up with the lawn mower.

I started Phase 1 of cake ball production for this year. Baked a chocolate, red velvet and vanilla cake and mixed them with their corresponding frostings. Tomorrow night, we form them into balls and freeze them, then probably this weekend we will cover them in white and milk chocolate.

And I made a yummy dinner - - fresh turnips and neck bones, candied sweet potatoes, rotisserie chicken(okay, Walmart made that one and I warmed it up), mashed potatoes, green beans and cornbread. We were supposed to have beef stew today, but my uncle gave me fresh turnips yesterday.
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