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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Legends of Tomorrow S2E1 "Out of Time" 
16th-Oct-2016 01:42 pm
mick_hero_by maddie
Legends of Tomorrow S2E1 "Out of Time" observations:

OMG, Mick as a musketeer is *everything*. And I still hate Rip, but he makes an adorable musketeer as well.

Sara lance, charming the ladies in every century. She's the Captain jack Harkness of LoT.

I see Mick is still in charge of carrying everything.

Sara, have we learned nothing from Barry?

Einstein really was a pig.

"Why am I talking to hm when you are clearly the brains of the operation?" Damn right.

I know Mick had to stay because, plot! But why couldn't Gideon have healed him?

Mick called Nick "Pretty"

I'm okay with no Rip.
16th-Oct-2016 06:23 pm (UTC)
So Season 2 is out now? I can't decide if I should watch it or not. I was so sad at Len's death. Hmmmm.
16th-Oct-2016 10:54 pm (UTC)
I'm there for Mick and Sara, and I'm hoping they don't concentrate on the new characters and ignore the old ones, especially Mick.

I'm also still wondering about this Len thing. You know a version of him will be a bad guy in LoT this season? And he'll be a(I assume) different version on The Flash. I was watching a podcast the other day, and he was talking about how Barry's continuous screwing with the timeline may have been the cause of this, Len being even more evil now. If that means that all the character development Len got on The Flash and LoT has been ruined, I will be mad about that.
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