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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
23rd-Jul-2016 09:20 pm
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: we had a nice day here. I got up early, but then fell asleep in my chair for a couple of hours. We did laundry, dishes, I uploaded some pix to Find A Grave, we watched some TV... it was a nice day.

I just realized I forgot my good thing yesterday. My uncle went home(he'd been staying with Joey and Hannah), so Hannah and I spent literally all day packing up my aunt's stuff, storing it in the spare room and cleaning. We had a good time, though. But OMG, so tired when I got home. We had dinner, I had a shower, and went to bed.

My cousin Jamie(Joey's brother)'s wife Mandy was supposed to help us, too. But Mandy and Hannah cannot get along. When Joey and Hannah were engaged and planning their wedding, Mandy tried to take over, and it ended with Jamie and Mandy not coming to their wedding. When we were planning this earlier in the week, I told the I was off Friday, so whatever time was fine with me. So, Hannah texts and says she and my uncle don't want to get up really early, so 10am. I said fine. Mandy calls me and says she's keeping her granddaughter, who naps from 8am-10am, so 8am is better for her. She said she would ask if she could get a key and we could meet at 8 and then Hannah and my uncle could come when they got ready. I knew the outcome to this, but I said sure, whatever, let me know.

Of course my uncle said no. He and my aunt never liked anyone in their house when they're not there. When I lived with them, years ago, I never had a key, I had to either go with them wherever they were going, or hang out at my old house. Eventually, they did let me stay there when they were gone, but it literally took years. Anyway, Mandy was offended, she never showed up and it was just me and Hannah. I just resent being stuck in the middle, with Hannah complaining to me about Mandy and Mandy complaining to me about Hannah.
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