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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing plus a general whiny update 
20th-May-2016 09:06 pm
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: we, thankfully, had a nice calm day here. I slept until 9am, we watched TV, had a late breakfast/early lunch, watched more TV, did laundry... I got J to put more hooks up on the porch for hanging my flowers, and do various yard work. We had dinner and watched more TV. The Legends of Tomorrow season finale, which was surprisingly easy to watch, considering last week. I saw a story today where the writers said the show was never intended to have a permanent cast. I wish I'd known that earlier...

My cousin Joey called to tell me they'll probably be sending my aunt home tomorrow and she will be on hospice care after that. He said my uncle was kind of upset today. I'm sure he is. I feel like he probably didn't realize just how much worse my aunt is doing.

We're still going to Macon tomorrow. A work friend of J's was shot last weekend and is in ICU. He was shot in the shoulder and may lose his arm. J wants to visit him, or his family, if he's not allowed to visit LaSean himself.

Larae messaged me on Facebook to tell me her phone is still not turned off. I got to chat for another hour with a Verizon rep. They're trying to charge us $90 more for this month's service on that phone. I saw that 11 minutes of talk time and 12 messages have been used so far. Jamie, the rep, promised it was cancelled for sure this time and got the $90 taken off. The phone's service still won't be off until June 6th, so I messaged Larae to tell her to turn it off and not use it again. She says she hasn't used it, Verizon called and texted her. The bill detail is not available yet, so I can't prove differently right now. Will this nightmare never end?

Work was occasionally trying this week. While Thomas is not nearly the horror that Sharon was, he is destroying everyone's morale just the same. They play music in our store again now, and "Lips are Moving" by Meghan Trainor plays at least twice a day, and I think of Thomas when I hear it, because just about everything he says is a lie. One day I will learn not to say anything at meetings. Sadly, Thursday was not that day.

And on a happier note, thank goodness for my cousin Joey. My aunt and uncle didn't have kids, so me, my brother Robbie, Joey and his brother Jamie have always been like their kids. Jamie and Robbie aren't as close to them as they once were, but Joey has really stuck with them and tried to look after them. I knew it would be us who ended up doing it, and I'm not resentful of it. They have been so good to us, before Mom died and especially after. Joey and his wife Hannah have been taking them to non-local doctor's appointments for a while now. And since it's on his way home from work, he's been going by the hospital every day and updating me.
21st-May-2016 10:03 am (UTC)
*Hugs* I'm sorry that there's a lot of bad going on. Ugh. I wish I could help.
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