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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Maybe I shouldn't have joked about Murphy's Law the other day? 
14th-Mar-2016 02:15 pm
pink roses by roji
I joked the other day about Prison Break season 1 could've been called Murphy's Law. It could also describe my vacation so far.

Since I got over the stomach virus, I've been coughing, ears feel clogged, sneezing, etc. I ended up going to the urgent care this morning. It's a bad sinus infection. I got a steroid shot and a z pack. I also got tested for the flu(thank God it wasn't) - - they've had five cases this morning, and there were a bunch of cases at a school here, too, so be warned, peeps. Then after I got out of Walmart with my prescription, paint roller, lawn mower blades, etc... the truck wouldn't start. No lights, wouldn't turn over. I had popped the hood like I would know what to do if I got it open when a Good Samaritan came by and helped me. It was a loose battery cable. It started right up after he tightened it up. Bless you, dude! Then I got Chinese for lunch and came home. Where I'm staying.
14th-Mar-2016 11:58 pm (UTC)
But that's so scary! Thank goodness it didn't happen in traffic. Hope they figure it out and get it fixed soon.
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