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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Maybe I shouldn't have joked about Murphy's Law the other day? 
14th-Mar-2016 02:15 pm
pink roses by roji
I joked the other day about Prison Break season 1 could've been called Murphy's Law. It could also describe my vacation so far.

Since I got over the stomach virus, I've been coughing, ears feel clogged, sneezing, etc. I ended up going to the urgent care this morning. It's a bad sinus infection. I got a steroid shot and a z pack. I also got tested for the flu(thank God it wasn't) - - they've had five cases this morning, and there were a bunch of cases at a school here, too, so be warned, peeps. Then after I got out of Walmart with my prescription, paint roller, lawn mower blades, etc... the truck wouldn't start. No lights, wouldn't turn over. I had popped the hood like I would know what to do if I got it open when a Good Samaritan came by and helped me. It was a loose battery cable. It started right up after he tightened it up. Bless you, dude! Then I got Chinese for lunch and came home. Where I'm staying.
14th-Mar-2016 08:09 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness. I'm very glad you do not have the flu, particularly since that in addition to the sinus infection would have been pure misery. I hope the z pack and steroid shot do their thing right quick.

As for car trouble, we're having some too. Last night we were out in 'The Boat,' which is the car that only unlocks on the passenger side and only opens on the driver's side. After the usual fun of unlocking and getting in we went where needed to go and then, on the way home pulled into a Walgreens drug store to hack the portal across the street (play Ingress). We were there maybe three minutes with the car in park. When jebra hit the brake prior to putting the car into reverse his foot went all the way down to the floor. No idea what happened, the brakes went from perfectly fine to nonfunctional while were there. We never left the car (or turned it off for that matter), nor were there any sign of leaked fluids under the car. It is at Master Auto now, where hopefully both the brakes and the doors will be repaired.
14th-Mar-2016 11:58 pm (UTC)
But that's so scary! Thank goodness it didn't happen in traffic. Hope they figure it out and get it fixed soon.
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