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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
12th-Mar-2016 09:08 pm
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: it was a good day, if not as active as the main day of Peaches to Beaches usually is. We were all tired from yesterday and got a late start. J and I went to Lumber City and headed back this way while waiting for my aunt, uncle, brother and sister-in-law to get here. We were worn out by the time we got back here. It was so hot, and I'm not nearly as recovered as I like to think. We met Robbie and Chrisey here while my aunt and uncle went to yard sales. We fully intended to head back out, but it was so cool on the porch we ended up just staying here. We never even headed toward Baxley this year. After everyone left, we made a Walmart run and picked up dinner. After dinner, i worked on chocolate pie, pecan pie bars and cole slaw for a family fish fry tomorrow.
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