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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
30th-Oct-2015 08:36 pm
autumn_emily dickinson
Today's good thing: it was an awesomely productive day, even though I didn't get up until after 8. I did three loads of laundry(and folded some), picked up(and picked out) pecans, did some dishes, and watched some tv, all with J(except the pecan part).

I know, this all sounds very boring. But seeing what some friends have been going through recently with their relationships, I am very thankful for boring. If I have to argue with someone, stay mad at them all the time, or they make me cry all the time, that's no way to live. I love J and I know he loves me. Certainly we have out disagreements, but I know he has my back and I have his. I'm very blessed to be with my soulmate.
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