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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
2014 week 19 
21st-May-2014 02:54 pm
maddie_pink roses
14 - - off work and did the usual. And I had to text J's dad and tell him we were not going to be able to pay the phone bill and it might be off a few days. He has his cell phone, two actually, on our account(he uses one to talk on, and smart phone for internet). He's supposed to be paying us $80 every month, but since Larae's been out of work, he's been supporting her and hasn't been able to. He did deposit the money(for the whole bill) in our account and I paid the bill. Me being cut a day every other week at work, and J being cut a day every week is starting to have an effect.

15 - - back to work, and Selina didn't come in until one, but I was busy doing the eyecare mod.

I went to bed very early, and was awakened around 8:30pm by what it turned out were gunshots. And then sirens. This happened at a house a little to the left at the end of our street.

16 - - I was off work and didn't do much of anything... I had trouble waking up, and then I just cleaned a little. I went outside, but it was very cool.

17 - - I worked, but it wasn't a bad day.

18 - - work again, still not bad.

I do believe I made an enemy of a cashier at work. I did something I've done lots of times... I was getting lunch and adding money to a gift card so I could fill up the car with gas. I went to a new cashier. She rang up my stuff, I scanned my discount and then the girt card and selected "load" on the keypad and entered the amount. She hit a button and told me to do it again. I told her before I did it again, "I'm LOADING the card, not paying with it." And she told me I couldn't do that in the same transaction, that I had to pay for the stuff and then load the card. I told her I always do it this way. And once again, I said I was loading the card, and paying with a credit card, in case she had the wrong idea. She still said no, and even asked our newest CSM, who also said no. So I told her to cancel the order, and give the stuff back to me. I went to Mrs. Marsha's line and she did it with no problem. I told Tiffany(another CSM) what happened. And not in a mean way, but if she's telling other customers that, I'm sure they're getting pissed, too. She paged the other CSM and talked to her, so I hope they got it straightened out.

Jan called tonight. Her niece Jessica's wedding is off. I've mentioned this before - - they've been married before. Jesse told her he was just using her for sex and a car. I suspected this all along. I'm just glad it happened before they got married.

19 - - off work, and I actually cleaned the house. Turns out if I stay inside, I can actually accomplish that. It's hard when it's so pretty outside, though.

I read the funniest thing on a local forum. This guy was really talking bad about a local restaurant, and it was just barely legible, the spelling and grammar were horrible. A woman commented with this: "You literally need Grammar/English classes and Jesus." I actually laughed out loud.

20 - - work again, and once again, Selina came in at 1. I did accomplish a good bit, though - - got a good bit of stuff out of our bins and to the floor.

I have to say, since Sharon left, the store is a much happier place. Crescenda's on vacation this week and that doesn't hurt. But I'm not dreading work like I did.

I'm afraid J has a sinus infection. His first one since his surgery. He's having headaches again.
22nd-May-2014 04:04 pm (UTC)
Holy cats, a double murder just down the street. If it's really drug-related then you should be safe but all the same DO NOT LIKE.

As for where you live, did you know a google mapping car has paid a visit to your town. I typed in your address but Google seems to think your house doubles as a carpet store. I figure the address must be off by a number or four, but since I don't know what your house really looks like I couldn't figure it out.
22nd-May-2014 04:21 pm (UTC)
Yes, it is very scary.

And yeah, I've Googled our address. We're actually a block over from the carpet store - - we're the second house past the 4 way stop, not that it will make any sense Google map-wise. When I Google our address and do street view, it actually shows me our neighbor's house, and we're to the right of it. Weird.
22nd-May-2014 04:29 pm (UTC)
This is actually what our house looks like on Google Maps. This is over a year old, so it looks a little different, the azaleas near the road and in front on the right side aren't there now, and I've done some painting.

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