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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
2014 week 17 
7th-May-2014 07:03 pm
maddie_pink roses
30 - - I was off work and sat outside and enjoyed the rain.

1 - - I worked, and got really pissed off at the end of the day. And I admit it, I overreacted. Selina and I were putting out some clearance stuff, and Sharon came by. We put price labels on the clearance products rather than on the shelf, as stuff gets moved around and it's not clear what the price is. Sharon said we can't do that, it looks bad. I didn't hide my contempt for her. And it really wasn't that big a deal. I guess I was just annoyed that with all the overwhelming mismanagement in the store(not enough cashiers scheduled, never anyone in hardware to mix paint, never holding anyone responsible for their mistakes), she picks that to complain about.

2 - - Off work again, but it was almost too cool to sit outside.

3 - - Surprisingly, I had a great day at work. When they leave me alone, I can accomplish so much. And Levi(cashier in the pharmacy) came in, shopping. We have a different rotation now, so I don't see him as much as I used to. And I got to see Mollie, a friend I used to work with in Vidalia.

4 - - Another awesome day at work.

5 - - Off work, did the usual, laundry, and I cut grass.

6 - - Another day off, and I basically fought mosquitoes all day. They are horrible. We've had so much rain and standing water. They swarm all over you in the back yard.

Another exciting week here.
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