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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing, and bad thing 
20th-Nov-2013 09:26 pm
autumn_leaving october
Today's good thing: we had the best movie-going experience ever today. And not just because we saw Thor 2(but that would've been enough). We were the only ones in the theater! It was like At the Movies! We could talk, and prop our feet on the seats, and no tall people were in front of me, or kids(or adults!) being loud. And the movie... I may like it better than the first one. No spoilers, but seriously, you should see it. A couple of surprises during credits also.

The bad:
Blue Cross insurance is in league with Satan. We get there for J's preop to find out even though they approved his surgery in July, before the nightmare with Dr Cuesta, now they've denied it for next week. Now we're waiting at the hospital for J to get a new CT scan, because you know, his sinuses may have magically repaired themselves. So BCBS's logic is apparently since they don't want to pay for the surgery, they will now pay for a CT scan and surgery. WTF? Satan, I tell you. And they have *tentatively* rescheduled his surgery for December 9th.

More good: my pharmacy manager, Briana, had her baby. A 6 lb, 13 oz boy named Asher.
21st-Nov-2013 03:11 am (UTC)
That is so outrageous about BCBS!! These are people's health and lives at stake. I am SO sorry that you guys are experiencing this! It sucks.
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