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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Our crappy day 
29th-Aug-2013 05:20 pm
maddie_pink roses
Not a fan of J's eye doctor. We stayed there over 4 hours - we waited to get called back, J had an exam, we waited some more, he had another exam, waited a long time, the doctor talked to us and said he could do the surgery next week, then we waited about an hour to be called back again to schedule surgery.

But, no surgery for J right now. The cost, *after* insurance, is around $1200 per eye. We could almost swing that with what we have left on our FSA card for this year. But. He's having 2 MRIs next week that will be $800 after insurance, and he's still got to have his sinus surgery. He decided he wants the sinus surgery first, in hopes of getting rid of his migraines. He'll get the cataract/astigmatism surgery in January of next year, when our FSA reoads. But since we're capped at $2500 per year on our card, I told him we absolutely cannot get sick next year, LOL!

I was mad and disappointed, and I feel helpless. He needs both surgeries. His eyesight is getting worse every day, but so are his headaches.
29th-Aug-2013 10:09 pm (UTC)
I'm so sad that our crappy healthcare system has led to this!! That sucks totally.
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