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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Since it looks like I'm not going to accomplish much today anyway... 
10th-Feb-2013 12:19 pm
boop_be mine
I'll update LJ.

We went to visit the family yesterday, and got a late start, as Robbie called about the time we should've been getting dressed and gathering everything to leave. He got his cast off yesterday, stitches out and a new walking cast. I got into a gun debate with him. He has some nutty conspiracy theories, like they're making the gunpowder in bullets so it's only good for a year(wtf?), Obama will be weakening US defenses in the next 4 years, then he's moving to another country, he's going to take away all our their guns... I told him he needed to detox from Fox News.

We had lunch with my aunt and uncle, and my aunt's cold is back. She fell asleep in her chair after lunch and so did the rest of us. So after lunch, a nap, and some conversation, we headed on to J's dad's.

Larae was already home. She was watching Disney Channel when we arrived, she said hello when we said hello to her, we sat at the kitchen table and talked to J's dad, and then we said goodbye to her when we left. We had no other interaction with her. Apparently she never makes dinner for the girls, they fend for themselves, and last night, Eve, who failed first grade and is repeating it, needed help with her spelling and Larae wouldn't do it, so I helped her. She did well, actually, she's very good at sounding out words. It just annoys the shit our of me that Larae has these amazing girls and doesn't seem to appreciate that at all.

But anyway. J's dad broke up with his girlfriend Friday night. Her grown son, who was in a really bad motorcycle accident a few years ago, lives with her, and he likes J's dad a lot. He told J's dad that Sheila is seeing another guy. So, J's dad just got up and left. Now he's going out of town this week to visit his brother to get away from it all.

We left there and headed home, and Elouise called as soon as we got to Hazlehurst. She got a job! It's at a Dollar General, but it's in Alamo, which is a long drive on some deserted roads. But she hopes to transfer to Uvalda soon(about 12 miles away). We had to go by Walmart to pick up yet more plastic containers and a few groceries. As soon as I hung up with her, Robbie called back, but he kept it short.

We finally made it home, where I had another PayPal scare. A weird attempted charge for one cent, to cheaporshoes.com. I changed my password, but I called, because I was worried it was my PayPal debit card again. Coincidentally, I used it Friday night at Fuji's, which is where I'd just used it last time this happened. The guy said no one had attempted any charges with my card, it was just my PayPal account, and that there had been a good bit of suspicious activity from that site and they were dealing with it. So, I didn't have to cancel my card this time.

We watched some Young Turks and I went to bed.

So far today, I've done laundry, tried to call Ms Betty(no answer, getting a little worried), and Jna called me to tell me she's in Alabama to visit Skye.

I don't think I've updated on Jan in a while. She talked to Sherry and demanded to know where they stood, if she should wait for Sherry, and Sherry told her again, no, don't wait. A few days later, she told Jan she was dating someone. So Jan might finally be letting go, and she's going to give Skye a chance. I don't know Skye, but I hope she's good for Jan and that they can make it together.

J's up now, we're watching Young Turks again, and I feel so lazy!
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