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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Internet problems, general update 
19th-Sep-2012 05:44 am
I'm posting this morning because our internet goes in and out every day, from around 3pm to 11pm. The cable guy is coming tomorrow to find out why. J thinks it might be the modem - - it gets really hot, and if he unplugs it for a while and plugs it back in, it works for a while. Why it does it at the same time every day, I have no idea.

I spent last Friday at Jan's. That gets a post all its own.

Saturday, we went to my aunt and uncle's to get another load of junk. We didn't think we got much this time - - there's plenty of old appliances my aunt and uncle have dumped in the woods, but we can't get to them right now. My uncle has to clean up around them so we can get in there.

And J had a bit of a scare. We had loaded an old kerosene heater(I picked it up, TWICE), and it looked like it might fall off, so before we got to the main road, I stopped so J could lay it down. There was a snake in it! Just a small one, J said it looked like a rat snake. We went back to my aunt and uncle's, to try and get it out of there, but it had already escaped by then.

Sunday was my first full 8 hour day since I've been back at work. We still had a lot of mods to do(they took Michelle to do mods in grocery last week, so ours didn't get done), and Michelle started them while I scanned our bins and brought out the freight. Then she stopped doing the mod and helped me with the freight. It would've been a better idea for us to do the mods early, before the after-church rush. Michelle did the diabetic mod and the vaporizer mod before she left to go to a funeral, then I did the diagnostic mod and child wellness mod.

I was off Monday, and I did laundry and relaxed. When J got home, we went to sell our junk. And our usual recycling place was closed. I had visions of having to drive to work yesterday looking like Sanford and Son, but we tried the other recycling place here in town. The bad thing there is, you have to unload your own stuff(basically, J just pushed the heavy stuff out). The good thing is, they pay much better! We had a relatively light load this time, and got nearly as much as we did for a huge load at the other place. We had two batteries, and we got nearly $18 for them, as opposed to $31 for *7* at the old place.

Yesterday at work was rough. We did the cough and cold mod, and *everything* moved. I got there at 8, and after I scanned the bins and did the freight, and our counts, I got started. It took me from then(around 10 am) until I left at 5(minus 1 hour for lunch, but I skipped my last 15 minute break) to do two 4 foot sections. Michelle came in at 11, and after she did some paperwork and stuff, she started at the other end, and when I left, she was starting on her second 4 foot section. It was a bitch! Now we have months of showing people where everything has moved when they can't find it.

I'm off tomorrow, but the cable guy is *supposed* to be coming between 8 and 10. Then I work(ugh!) Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
19th-Sep-2012 09:51 am (UTC)
I think I would've had a heart attack at seeing that snake. Scary!
19th-Sep-2012 01:43 pm (UTC)
That's one of the reasons I won't shop at Wal-Mart - nothing is ever in the same spot! drives me nuts!


Snakee!! lolz
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