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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Loving this rainy weather 
29th-May-2012 08:30 pm
It rained yesterday, last night and today - - so relaxing! It's supposed to rain for a few more days. I really would not mind living somewhere it rains a lot.

We had rough weekend, technology-wise, mostly J. The media center remote we use flaked out. Luckily J had a backup, he just had to program it. That same night he was carrying his tray through the living room, knocked it against the entertainment center, breaking a small vase and flinging french fries everywhere. Sometime that same night he set a nearly full glass of tea on the table beside his chair. And knocked his old phone into it. We didn't know that until yesterday when I emptied it into the sink.

Also yesterday, when we got home from getting groceries, we both had bottles of Coke, so I dropped them in my purse, so I could get some of the groceries to bring in. Turns out one of the bottles wasn't closed tightly, but I didn't know that until the Coke was running across the kitchen floor. Luckily, nothing, including my phone, was ruined. I did have to wash my bag, though, and wipe off everything that was in it.

Today has been drama-free. I slept late and enjoyed the rain. I called Dr Byrne's office to see if my results were back - - they weren't, so I rescheduled for next Thursday.

After work, J dropped off a computer he'd repaired(for the woman J's dad is doing work for), and picked up another one. She wants the data off the hard drive, and told J he could have the PC itself for parts.

And Elouise called tonight. We laughed for an hour. She had to appeal to get her unemployment from Wal Mart, and now that's she's got it, Wal Mart has appealed to stop it. There will be another hearing about it, and they sent Elouise 16 pages of "evidence" from Wal Mart. This is different from her separation notice - - this is where they documented her daily activities from back in November and December of last year. Makes me wonder if they have dirt on all of us. God only knows what mine looks like!

I watched 2 Mark Ruffalo movies today. What Doesn't Kill You, which was... eh. Okay. And You Can Count on Me, which I really liked. Laura Linney is a single mom. Rory Culkin, one of the less annoying Culkins, is her son, and Mark Ruffalo is her brother. Matthew Broderick and Jon Tenney are also in it. I also saw We Don't Live Here Anymore the other day. It was just okay, but has the redeeming point of lots of half naked Mark Ruffalo.
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