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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Awesome day, but I am so tired 
10th-Mar-2012 07:33 pm
And sunburned! My feet hurt. But we had a great time.

My aunt and uncle came over and we headed out at 8am, starting with the ball field as always. I found some great stuff - - cookie cutters and a bunch of loose pendants, Christmas ornaments, a few books, and some other stuff I'm forgetting. And my wheeled cart was a great investment - - no carrying a million bags around the whole place. J found his dad a wall display to hold some of his Hot Wheels collection. They had a wood spinning wheel, which I coveted like you wouldn't believe. But it was $125.

We headed on toward Baxley. I found a new bag, huge, in pink and purple floral, that had been marked down to $10. We honestly didn't buy all that much, but I really loved what I did find. Oh! I found a new Betty Boop doll also. And J found some games for his XBox 360.

We ate lunch in Baxley, then we came back this way while my aunt and uncle went to the yard sales they missed on the other side(we had backtracked and caught them). We went back by the ball field to check out some booths that weren't open the first time we went through. This time I only bought a few gingerbread items.

As we were leaving, Elouise called to say *she* was at the ball field and her battery had died and needed a jump. So we took the block and went back, and tried jumping her off(logistics for this were a nightmare with a million people going in and out), but J had to take her to get a new battery while I stayed with her sister and her kids and nieces.

After we got her going, we came home, where my aunt and uncle were waiting for us. They had bought us a recliner, which I think J will get, and I will use his old one, as I hate the huge headrest on the "new" one.

My aunt and uncle wanted to go to Pearson, to the meat market, then out to dinner in Douglas, so we did that, and now we're home. We didn't even unload everything, we're putting it off until tomorrow.

I have to put something on this sunburn, then I'm going to bed.
11th-Mar-2012 01:44 pm (UTC)
Glad you've had such a good day xx
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