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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Lazy day here 
17th-Jan-2012 08:18 pm
Today was my second day off - - I'm back to work tomorrow - - and since we did everything yesterday, cleaning and laundry, and I even mopped the kitchen floor! - - I didn't do much today.

I watched the season finale Hell on Wheels, and I would make a joke about the preacher losing his head, but I'm sure rhymephile might be the only one to get it.

I also decorated for Valentine's Day, in that I put out two Valentine trees. I used my tall skinny fake pine tree that I use for Easter, put it in the living room and decorated it with red heart ornaments and red tinsel. I also put my mom's tiny Valentine tree I got for her years ago, which has tiny hearts and cherubs as decorations. It was just a cheap ABC Distributing tree, but she loved it - - she loved decorating for holidays as much as I do.

Other than that... I read, and oh, that reminds me. I read a lovely Charles/Erik story called Metamorphosis, which features the Butterfly Circus, which I was ignorant about, until I Wiki'd it. My only complaint... how do you have a fic concerning a circus *and* a freakshow and not have Azazel in it somewhere? Someone should write an AzRi version of this, like *now*. I covet it.

One other thing, does anyone ever get those annoying bumps on your tongue? They're called lie/lye bumps? I used to get them only occasionally, but now, it's like a couple a week. Does anyone know something that actually helps?
18th-Jan-2012 06:13 am (UTC)
Re: Hell on Wheels: HA! And do you recognize the preacher as actor Tom Noonan, aka John Lee Roche, the child killer from The X-Files episode "Paper Hearts?"

The first season was a bit uneven, but since it is coming back for a second season I'll wait for them to iron out any problems. I do like Anson Mount as Cullen. I enjoyed the show overall.
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