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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
The TV post 
16th-Jan-2012 10:23 pm
How much did I love seeing Nic Lea back on TV? Supernatural *and* another of my favorites, Once Upon a Time! He looked great in both. I miss seeing him(nearly!) every week. Also nice seeing Jason Dohring(my beloved Josef from Moonlight) as Cronos on SPN.

J suggested we try Sherlock tonight, and we both really enjoyed it. Sherlock reminded me of the Doctor quite a bit. Loved Watson. Martin Freeman is good.

Sad that Hell on Wheels is over for this season. I really like it. I'm saving that last ep to watch tomorrow morning.

J and I were discussing Bones and Castle the other day. I still love both, probably Bones just a little more. J says he definitely prefers Bones, he feels like Castle has run its course for him. I pointed out that that is unusual, considering Bones has actually jumped the shark(if we go by the Moonlighting/X Files definition of that, and he still prefers it.
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