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Sunday March 6, 2011

First of all, I feel so bad that I forgot chazpure's birthday on the 4th - - I'm so sorry, sweetie, and I hope you had a great day.


I worked. And came home, and we had dinner, and I fell asleep in my chair and finally went to bed.


I worked again. And, a bit of good news - - I think we've found a car. It's actually one that Tracy mentioned when I was at the bank the other day. One of her customers asked to park it there to try and sell it. It's a Buick Park Avenue, a little bigger than what we were wanting, but it seems to be in good condition. It belongs to an older couple who are selling it because they have too many cars. J called about it yesterday, and we're going to try it out tomorrow afternoon.

We looked at the ones the bank has for sale, but there's only one car in the bunch and it's really messed up.
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