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Friday March 4, 2011

Finally, some progress!

Tracy called today, and the loan is approved(payoff on the truck, and money for another car), now we have to find something. I work tomorrow and Sunday, so Monday afternoon, we'll go and look at some cars. I am so relieved.

I did boring stuff today - - laundry, vacuuming, made some barbecue for dinner.

J's over at his dad's, setting up his new computer(a desktop this time - - he's giving his old one to the girls). I could've gone with him. I was off today, and could've taken him to work and went over with him afterward, but... I know I'm awful for not going to see his dad. I just can't face going there with his mom gone, not yet.

I also watched a lot of movies today.

That Evening Sun was good - - and Hal Holbrook(and Dixie Carter in a small role as his wife) and Ray McKinnon were both very good in it.

Black Snake Moan was a bit strange, but still good. You can't really go wrong with Sam Jackson. And S Epatha Merkerson.

I'm watching Then She Found Me now, because, Colin Firth! Not sure what I think of it yet.

And now that we've(hopefully!) got the car situation handled, we have to redo the bathroom. I've wanted to paint it for ages - - the walls are white(dingy white now), with gold sponged on it. I'm planning to paint the walls white, as well as the cabinets, and will decorate it in pink. But first, we have to replace the floor. Whoever built the house used... what do you call it... pressed wood? instead of plywood on the floor. And they didn't seal the crack between the linoleum and tub, so water has gotten to the floor and turned it mushy. The toilet, which is a *really* old model, leaks, and has weakened the floor around it. We're planning to replace the floor with real plywood, and get a new toilet and linoleum.
Tags: black snake moan, movies, remodeling, rl, that evening sun, then she found me
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