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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Tuesday March 1, 2011 
1st-Mar-2011 10:11 pm
Well, it was a long day, but not a bad one, since I feel so much better.

After I picked up J and brought him home, I went by the bank to talk to Tracy. She said it would be very difficult to add a car/car repair to the house loan, as the rules have changed, fees are higher and it would take a month to get it done. She said a better idea(and faster) would be for her to refinance what's left owing on the truck, along with another car, so we will still have only two big loan payments per month. She said if it was her, she wouldn't try repairing the car, as it would cost over twice what the car's worth. She also said it would be a better idea to buy a car from an individual, rather than a car lot(no taxes), or to buy a repo'd one from the bank. I came home to get J to call Chrysler and get them to fax payoff info to Tracy. Once she gets that, she'll see what she can do,and when we get an answer, one way or the other, we have to find a car.

I'm hopeful, but will feel better when I know for sure.

I'm off tomorrow, and if it's pretty outside, I want to do some gardening.
2nd-Mar-2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
Gardening, humph! We still have a good six inches of snow on the ground. I don't envy you for the hot, muggy weather you get in the summer, but right around now I wish we lived further south.

Good luck on the loan situation!
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