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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Update and some holiday thanks 
10th-Dec-2009 06:22 pm
First the thanks:

To peach1250 for our first Christmas card of the season. Thank you, sweetie!

To pride_of_erin for our second card of the season - - I love the cute card!

And thanks to both luvmax1 and psyfic for the snowflake cookies on my info page! *hugs*

Now, a RL update.

Still in the holiday vein, we've done some half-assed decorating - - J did some of the lights outside, and we have tree up, partially shaped, and no decoration on it(aside from the lights) whatsoever.

J's mom and dad are, all in all, stable. His mom got good news - - the tumor's shrunk some more. But, she's in pain again from the *ick* tumor debris in her bladder - - she says it's like having a really bad UTI all the time. I can't imagine how she keeps from going insane.

J's dad is going to have the pellet type radiation injected soon.

I'm worried about Jan - - with all the funeral stuff over, and her brother and SIL gone, Jan's really missing her mom. She keeps asking me how I made it through losing Mom. I told her it *does* get better with time. I did not say it never stops hurting. She and her mom were so close, even if they did get on each other's nerves. They lived together and did nearly everything together. Mom and I were close, but we definitely had separate lives. I've been trying to distract her all I can - - she helped me so much, when Mom was sick and after she died.

And now, J's neverending story.

As you know, it began 2 months ago. We went to his regular doctor, in whom we used to have a lot of faith. He screwed around a couple of weeks before ever completing J's leave of absence and short term disability paperwork, and it's been a struggle ever since to keep the disability people satisfied so J gets paid every week. He's gotten 4 checks total since he's been out, and last week's doesn't count - - it was for one day, $36.60, which they put toward insurance, so he made, oh look, nothing. After an x-ray, MRI, and physical therapy, still no diagnosis other than maybe tendonitis. We kept waiting for him to refer us to an actual orthopedic doctor. Which he finally did on J's last visit. We saw him today. He listened to J's symptoms, pressed on his shoulder and told us what was wrong - - something in the bicep. He did a shot in it - - a numbing med, and cortisone. We're supposed to call tomorrow and tell them if the pain's gone. J goes back in a month(earlier if it gets worse). If he's still having trouble, they'll go in and take a look, and he'll probably have surgery. And the doctor sat right there and dictated a note that he'll fax to the disability people, which will surely satisfy them. I like him. A lot.

Back to the holidays. I *am* intending to send out cards. Some of the non-US ones might be late. I really wasn't sure I'd be able to do it this year with finances the way they are, so I didn't do a card post or sign up for a lot. If you got a card last year, you'll likely get one this year.

I've seen the wish list posts, but I don't intend to post one. I can't afford to make any come true, so I'm certainly not going to ask for anything. It's more than enough to know you guys are there for me. If I keep J healthy and Jan happy, it'll be a lovely holiday for me.

*hugs* to everyone.
11th-Dec-2009 06:46 am (UTC)
Blessings. Praying for good health for us all.
I am now living in a continuing care retirement home, in an Independent Living apartment. It is small but very nice. Full medical care which is very good, many activities and dinner in the dining room each day. Been here since Nov. 16 with my 2 cats. Getting used to beig here. My 1 bedroom apartment is very comfortable.
Here for the rest of our lives, cats and me. I just turned 64.
Again, blessings.
11th-Dec-2009 07:50 am (UTC)
To [info]pride_of_erin for our second card of the season - - I love the cute card!

You're welcome, sweetie! {{cuddles}}
11th-Dec-2009 12:26 pm (UTC)
Hugs right back.
11th-Dec-2009 06:02 pm (UTC)
Hugs, Maddie. You and J need and deserve a lot of them.
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