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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Catching up 
14th-Jul-2007 10:11 pm
And now, since I've ranted about OotP, a long overdue update on RL!

J's been on vacation since the 3rd, hence the long time between updates. We've been having fun, getting our days and nights mixed up, staying up late and sleeping late. And doing some long needed work around the house - - straightening up the sheds outside, throwing away some junk, taking up the carpet in the bathroom(Mom got J to put it in a few years ago - - I don't like carpet in the bathroom). J's also been playing much WoW, and loading all my Sanford and Son dvds on the PVR PC so I don't have to actually put the DVDs in anymore. I've been gardening, reading fic(and real books too!), making some sequined ornaments and doing the usual - - laundry, cooking, dishes.

I had promised J we would relax on the 4th, and do the traditional grilling thing. My aunt called the night before and told us if we'd come up there, they would help us clean up the yard at the other house, and then we would grill at their house. So we were up there by 7am. With the temps in the high 90s/low 100s, it the only time you *can* do anything outside, especially with the humidity at roughly 99%. Luckily, the work didn't take long. My aunt, uncle and I cut grass while J picked up trash and limbs ahead of us, and handled maintenance(my uncle and I were using wheeled weed trimmers, and once we got to the out-of-control wisteria, we needed string replaced frequently). After we got cleaned up, we had lunch, and all of managed a nap before we headed home.

On Thursday, J finally got to rest, and I went to Warner Robins with Jan - - a late birthday day out for me. We went to a couple of bookstores. The first, a used bookstore, was perfect for me - - I'm very cheap, you know. I found a couple of James Lee Burke books, Dave Robicheauxs, an Anna Quindlen, and a Caleb Carr I'm not so sure about. It's set in the future, whereas his others, which I adore, were set in the past, in the early days of forensics. Jan got me all those for my birthday.

I saw plenty I wanted at the other store, Books a Million. But I kept thinking "I could get these so much cheaper on Amazon, or at Goodwill, or you know, later at the used bookstore. We did have cappuccino, and I got J a WoW guide there.

Then we went next door to Michael's - - I was looking for link sequins, but they only had a few - - mixed colors, and white, silver and gold.

But we found the best craft store, Hobby Lobby, and it had a huge selection, not only of sequins, but *everything*. Stickers and scrapbook stuff, and lovely Christmas and Autumn decorations, not to mention the beautiful silk flowers. But I was good, and only got the sequins I needed(light and dark pink) and some clearance price gingerbread stickers. And Jan got me a gingerbread man-shaped notepad she insisted I needed.

After that, we had Chinese for lunch and then hit Big Lots( a sort of closeout type store, if you don't have them where you are). I found a set of do-it-yourself note cards, and some adorable Victorian notepads to give as gifts. Then we headed home.

On Friday, we saw Transformers, which I had been dreading, but really, it wasn't all that bad. Shia Lebeouf didn't even get on my nerves. Bernie Mac was in it for way too short a time, but I can't complain. Oh, and Nadine from Grace Under Fire was Sam's mom( didn't recognize her for about an hour), and Andrew from BtVS was some sort of geeky analyst. Basically, Andrew again. And the special effects were very cool. All in all, I've spent a much worse time at the movies. Like when I agreed to see Dungeons and Dragons with J years ago.

Last Wednesday I went with my friend Betty for her PET scan. We're hoping for good news, but she's convinced her cancer's back.

Speaking of which, Lindsey, a little girl at the church J and I used to attend, died a couple of weeks ago. Well, she wasn't little, either - - she was 20 and in college. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 14. She fought it for a long time.

And still, no job. I'm getting worried, and am beginning to think I'll have to go back where I worked before, or to other plant work.

And that, I believe, catches you up on what I've been up to recently.

And finally, not that you can see much detail, but here I am showing off the watch luvmax1, and the Serenity pendant mrs_sweetpeach gave me:

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15th-Jul-2007 05:15 pm (UTC)
You're wearing it! I'm glad you like it sweetie, it looks lovely on you!

I'm such a sucker for bookstores, too. WHile I love Borders and Barnes and Noble, I try to get to at least one of them once a month, I terribly miss the used bookstore I used to go to every week when I was upstate during the summer. Everything was half price, and there was such a huge stock.

I loved, absolutely worshipped, Caleb Carr's two past-themed books, I reread them constantly. The one that takes place in the future, well, I didn't think too much of it. I guess when you get used to a certain style from an author, something vastly different isn't as appealing. Still, give it a shot, maybe it will be more your cup of tea than mine.

I'm sorry about Lindsay, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that Betty's scan comes back normal. I'll also keep my fingers crossed that you land a great job, too. I think you'll do great, wherever you end up working, sweetie.

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