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More health updating, and J is *so* cool

I had my usual tests done Monday, and I got some of the results back *yesterday*, which is unheard of - - it usually takes at least a week. The chest x-ray was fine, and the bloodwork was too, except my liver enzyme level was a bit high again. The doctor said we'd check it again in a few months. I'm trying not to worry about that.

Tuesday, Jan and I went and most of the day at the hospital with my aunt and uncle. My uncle had bone spurs on his shoulder, just like J did a few years ago. He and my aunt never had kids, and they sort of helped raise me, Robbie and various other cousins, so I felt like I needed to be there. Jan offered to go with me, which was great. It's impossible to be unhappy around her. The surgery went fine, although, as is normal in my experience, there was a huge delay. My uncle was supposed to be there at 7 am, they didn't take him to pre-op until 9, and it was after 12 before he went to the OR. The surgery itself only took about 45 minutes. He;s doing fine, just annoyed at not being able to use his arm right now.

J had his follow-up appointment in Macon today. His last bloodwork results were better, as far as his insulin level. The #^#%@%@ lab techs in McRae didn't do part of the tests, so he has to go give them more blood. Or, as I suggested, go to a *real* hospital. J's blood sugar readings have been better since changing his diet, and he's lost a pound or two. She basically said to keep it up and come back in 3 months.

And my baby is so cool. We were watching TV this morning before I took him to work. I was reading and not really paying attention, and J said "Isn't that your guy?" - - it was Lee Tergesen doing a commercial voiceover. My baby recognizes LT's voice. And every time we're at his mom and dad's, the TV is usually on Noggin, and Chris Meloni always seems to be on when we're there. J's very good about pointing that out, too.
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