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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Huge TV post 
14th-May-2007 07:26 pm
They cut J's hours, and as a result, we've managed to catch up on our recorded shows a bit.

You all know I've never been a huge fan of Heroes, but now I never miss it. J just loves that. My favorite ep? Five Years Gone. As much as Present!Hiro annoys the s**t out of me, I love badass Future!Hiro. I wasn't so impressed with Future!Mohinder, and actively disliked Matt. But Peter... oh my. Scarred!Future!Peter rules. And Sylar's mom? Explains a lot.

As for Jericho(I know, no one watches me, but I still need to rant), I can't believe they killed Johnston! I just started liking him. I was stunned. And I loved Gail before, but her attitude toward Mary is starting to irritate me. And I don't even like Mary. Psychotic-in-the-making Dale really worries me. And why do they keep saying "Get Kenchy!" but then no one gets him? And what was up with that completely useless(but not unwelcome) Jonah returns thing?

We were way behind on SGA. The fates were conspiring against us seeing Tao of Rodney. We actually saw Sunday before it. ToR is my new favorite ep(Bat Man and Ronan!). I laughed all the way through it. I loved The Game almost as much, if only for the chance to pick on J about playing the same kind of game John and Rodney did, and what kind of havoc he was creating on some distant planet.

Now, The Unit. It appears to be jumping the shark a bit early. WTF is up with Mack? I can't believe how hypocritical he's being about Tiffy(not) sleeping with... Lawyer Guy. Wasn't he screwing that nut Crystal like 5 minutes ago? Yes, Tiffy *did* sleep with Ryan, but this time she's innocent. Irony, I suppose. But the season finale was just... too over-the-top for me. Although I was cheering pretty loudly when Ryan's wife left. Good riddance. And apparently someone told the actress playing her how annoying her speech was, I see some improvement.

I was half way through the Space Man in a Crater ep of Bones before I realized Andrea Thompson was Ms "Equivalent to a General".

Who saw Mitch Pileggi on Boston Legal? I forgot to record it. How was it?
15th-May-2007 12:00 am (UTC)
Jericho!!! I love love love Jericho. I couldn't believe they killed Johnston either!:( Cannot stand Dale, selfish prick IMHO. i feel nothing for him at all.

Jake has such pretty eyes***swoons*** I love Stanley and Mimi, they are refreshing and quirky couple:D I think Hawkins and Jonah are/were my favorites. I wish they would find a way to have Jonah come back permanently.

I'm a Heroes watcher too. I like Hiro but future!Hiro rocks. I've always had a thing for japanese guys with swords. give them red hair and i'm gone;) oh wait thats anime, those guys aren't real:(
15th-May-2007 12:38 am (UTC)
Aww, cool! I really thought I was the only one. Hawkins, Jonah and Kenchy(if they ever give him a real storyline) are my favorites. I was so mad when they exiled Jonah. And I can't help but like Jake. Plus, he's so pretty!
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