February 27th, 2020


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: well, things went relatively well until after lunch. I didn't accomplish much, due to a DM meeting at 9:30 and a shrink meeting at 10:30.

The truck we had today was like 4000 pieces, so we started unloading it after lunch. Not bad in itself, but we had some inferior help. He started at the household chemical pallet, in theory to unload the heavy stuff so the chicks didn't have to. He worked his way first in front of me, then above me, still not taking anything off, but reading off everything I was supposed to unload. I suggested he stay in front of the 3, 20 and 22 pallets to unload those, but apparently he can't read a 3, two 2s together, or a 2 with a zero after it. Because I got to unload those as well. I told Paul he's excused next time we have to do this. You know the saying "bad help is better than no help at all"? He disproved that. He's so sorry we have to promote him.