February 26th, 2020


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: except for some exceptionally dumb customers, my day at work was not bad. And the truck is in the shop getting diagnosed as to why it stalls out at red lights, stop signs and the RPMs go up and down when it idles.

My dumbest customer today(that I know of): for context, my protein bar/diet aisle is right past the cough/cold/allergy and pain aisles. I was putting stuff on diet top stock, and an old lady asked me where the 81 mg aspirin was. I was going to show her, but she gave me the popular, "Just tell me." So, I said, next aisle, on your LEFT, first section, yellow and green boxes. I go on about my business, and a full 5 minutes later, she finds me again and tells me she can't find it. I said, "Okay, first aisle, on the left-" "Oh, I was looking on the other side." The RIGHT side, which I clearly did not say and is cough, cold and allergy stuff. She looked for FIVE minutes. I have joked about our customers not knowing left from right, but now I have proof.