February 22nd, 2020


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: it was around 9 when the babies and I got up. Jem would've slept longer, but Bucky and Fitz came to see why we weren't up. I fed them and did my internet reading and tried to stay warm. J got up while I was making breakfast.

After we ate, we tackled the back porch. We did some organizing, in anticipation of getting some stuff out of the back office so J can get in there when he has to do his midterms, because the babies annoy him when he tries to do his work in here.

We took about 6 boxes of junk and set it by the street and I hope someone picks it up. I had leftover pork roast, squash casserole and potatoes planned for dinner, but we spent so much time on the cleaning that we ended up with burgers. Homemade, though.