February 7th, 2020


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: let me take you through my day. Right after I got to work, I sent the grocery list I meant to send to J to a group text. The wind was crazy, but the bright side of that was that I didn't have to exert myself, it blew me right to the door.

Cap 2 didn't work anything that I could see. A cap 1 person was working on my breakpack items, so I did the pallet of box freight. Before I could get back to the floor from break, they called for our Friday meeting. We spent an hour on that, then I worked HBA freight until lunch. Before I could get back to the floor from lunch, I got called to the back to unload a truck. Bottom line: I spent about 2 hours in my department all day.

This freight-not-being-worked thing has been going on for weeks, and I have questions. Why is it happening? Is it scheduling issues? Are we doing anything to fix it?