January 18th, 2020


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: I had actually planned to sleep late, but the cats had other ideas. Not Jem or Fitz or Squeaky, because they were all in bed with us. And guess who slept beside me for hours last night? Sam! It's the fist time she's done that. Anyway, I had already gotten up twice to unlock the cat door to the back porch for Bucky, who somehow managed to lock it so you could come through from the porch side, but not the kitchen side. Around 6:30 this morning he did it again. How do I know this? Every time he does it, he slaps at the door. I did nap in my chair after I got up. Then I started breakfast, and got to see the MLK parade from my kitchen window. I would've watched from the porch, but I wasn't dressed yet.

I also did lots of laundry and got the garbage ready for pickup. It won't be picked up until Tuesday, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow and turn cold, so I figured today was a better idea.

We had hot dogs and sausage dogs for dinner, and I did fries in the air fryer again. I cooked them at a higher temp this time and they turned out better.