January 11th, 2020


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: I got to sleep until around 9, and I didn't even set an alarm. I got up, did my internet reading, after I fed the babies, of course, and ended up having a nap before I started breakfast. I also put on a load of laundry.

J fought a migraine off and on all day, but did manage to help me get the rest of the Christmas boxes stored away, my Valentine box dug out, and he checked the truck(it turned on and right back off yesterday and I had to drive the car), and the connectors were loose again.

I decorated for Valentine's Day, and sat outside for a bit. It was very cloudy and looked like it could rain any time.

So, everyone please tell me I'm being paranoid. My uncle's brother texted again today, this time to say: "Good afternoon. Have a question. Eugene said he built a concrete vase to put flowers in for Ernestine's(my aunt) grave. he said one had been stolen before. He said the one he built was very heavy. Is this true?"

That is partially true. The vase for my grandmother and step-grandfather's grave was stolen, but he didn't make one for it. They bought another and he cemented it to the headstones. He never made anything after my aunt died, certainly not for her grave. I did send him a picture of my grandparents' grave with the vase cemented in place. He said that must be what's he's thinking of.

Now I'm even more confused. Does my uncle have dementia? While he did seem more forgetful, he remembered plenty of stuff: when his check came, that he needed to get his driver's license renewed before his birthday in February... we're having trouble working out a time to meet, so Hannah suggested to him that her, Joey and I get together and we all talk on the phone, but he insisted he wants us to meet in person. And if my uncle's thinking isn't right, what else has he told his brother that's wrong? We were worried about what his brother might've told him.