January 9th, 2020


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work was... interesting. We captured the Walmart cat, who is adorable. Ashley is adopting him, so I didn't have to.

Everything went fine until lunch, when I called J and couldn't get him to answer. He has an abscessed tooth, and it taking meds for it, and he gets dizzy from them and the swelling affecting his inner ear. So, I thought the worst. I called, texted, emailed, and FB messaged for 15 minutes, then I came home to check on him. After what happened with my uncle, I wasn't taking any chances. He was sitting here watching TV. He hadn't turned his phone volume back up. I told him we should get a landline phone, so I could get in touch with him half the time. I yelled at him and went back to work.

Ms Betty came by work for a visit, and we had an awesome time catching up.