December 6th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work was a trial, lots of rude people. We'll say today's good thing is that I got to see Braelyn today and got some sugar!

We were interrupted by one of the rude people. A woman looking for, what else, soap. I told her F19. Nothing. I pointed out our orange signs with F and a number on them. She looked like I ask her to do algebra and wandered off. I told Dwight I should go help her and it's a good thing, too. She started down 14/15 and then 16/17 before I finally herded her down the right one.

Then there was the unbelievably stinky woman in pharmacy. Oh my God, one of the worst ever.

And in light of that, and other unsanitary customers, I've come up with an awesome invention. Don't steal this, now, I need to Shark Tank it. We put a sprayer over the bathroom doors and the door to dropoff and pickup in pharmacy. It has a sensor and if someone leaves the bathroom without washing their hands, it sprays them with Lysol or some other powerful antibacterial spray. In pharmacy, if you stink or cough without covering your mouth, you get sprayed.

Not posted to Facebook:

My big mouth always gets me in trouble. After all that shit with my uncle's brother, I told Hannah about it when she asked of I'd heard from him. And I said to myself while I was doing that, I should tell her not to tell Joey about it. He has a temper and already doesn't like James. Well, of course, she told him, he got mad, called James and told him off and threatened to go see my uncle and tell him. Right after Hannah texted me to tell me that, James texted, he's sorry, he didn't mean anything by it, he's very thankful to me, Joey and Hannah for looking after my uncle all these years. I smoothed it over and told him Joey just overreacted. I keep telling Joey, we may not like him, but he can easily keep us from seeing our uncle. So, IOW, I need to learn to STFU.