December 2nd, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work wasn't horrible for a Monday, but parts of it were interesting.

The cookie dough/disposable razor replacement guy came by. I first met him when he was bitching about cookie dough. I think that's when Selina met him as well. He absolutely could not understand why the macadamia cookie dough costs more, and we couldn't make him understand. Latoya met him when he asked her why they don't sell replacement blades for disposable razors. He was not joking.

Today, he drove his cart, too fast IMO, into the aisle I was on, did one of those put-upon sighs, and said something like "I just had to dodge people out in the aisle, now I have to dodge you." That's right, bitch, you do. Walmart's busy now and will be until after Christmas. Anyway, he looked at the vitamins, then he came down the cca/pain reliever aisle, where, of course, I was. Then he backed out and did a complicated maneuver that allowed him to both back into Selina's battery mod, and run into and knock stuff off her as seen on tv mod. Then he called me to pick it up. We're voting him off the island.