November 3rd, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: well, I got plenty of sleep. The babies let us sleep until nearly 10. And what woke me up was Bucky snuggling up between me and J and beside Jem.

We got up, I made breakfast, did tons of laundry, dishes, got the garbage ready for pickup. J vacuumed and cleaned and put dishes away.

After a 30 minute power nap, I made a Dollar Tree run for cleaning products, then picked up pecans until nearly dark which isn't all that late now. We had just sat down to a dinner of reunion leftovers(chili for J, turnips, pigtails and cracklin' bread for me) when we heard what can only be described as a ruckus beside the house. A dog had chased the cats under the house and was trying to get under there after them. We chased him away, came in, he came back, we chased him away again. Then, you guessed it, another ruckus. This time it was different dogs - - 2 ran off, and the third, less intelligent one, had managed to force himself under the house. J went to the other side and made noise, he finally came out and I chased him away. We covered any hole we saw with a block(with the holes facing out so cats can get under the house, but not dogs). What a night.