November 2nd, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: um.

When we got to my uncle's, his door was unlocked, he was on the floor, half dressed and AC on. We called an ambulance. I was afraid to move him, in case he broke something(he didn't). We were in the ER until after 5, when my cousin Joey, who was on Hilliard time today(it took him roughly 4 hours to get there from a location 50 minutes away) relieved us.

What a horrible day. And I feel so guilty. It's been hard to get my uncle on the phone for a few weeks. He's been on a new med that made him sleep a lot. I always call him the night before I go up there, and the last couple of times, he didn't answer, so I would leave a message on his machine. I called him yesterday to remind him about the reunion, and he didn't answer, so I left a message. So he was most likely lying on the floor, cold and in pain, when I called. Hannah talked to him on Thursday, so it happened after that.

And I missed the family reunion for the first time since... 2002, 2003? Since we started having them regularly. And there were so many people there I would've loved to have seen. Maybe next year.

Big thanks to Rachel for getting pix in my place, and to her and Daniel for bringing us reunion food. You guys are awesome.

Also, to Joey for relieving us and staying to get my uncle settled.

He's in ICU for now, because of his heart rate increasing. They're working on getting that regulated, and re-hydrating him. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.