November 1st, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: y'all, I cooked all day for the reunion! I started around 8am. I made 7 Up cake, peanut butter cup cake, cooked chicken and eggs and assembled chicken pot pie, made potato salad, chili, and a pot of turnips and pigtails. I'll make the cracklin' bread before we leave tomorrow, and warm what needs to be warmed. I am so tired!

J assisted me by cleaning, putting away dishes, cleaning out the truck for tomorrow, and running to the store. He had gotten me a flex edge beater attachment ages ago for my mixer and it made doing the cakes easier - - I didn't have to keep scraping down the sides while doing the cake mix and icing.

Bucky is doing very well, super energetic and apparently not in any pain. He did wear himself out tagging along after J and me, and spent a lot of time asleep in a kitchen chair while I cooked. He wants to play with the other cats, but they just hiss at him right now.