October 11th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: another super busy day. It's been a rough week. We have to scan our outs daily now, as opposed to only on Monday. I'm trying to work the report every day, and with this week's mods, I'm having a hard time. Once I get used to making time every day to do it, it'll be okay.

I know you'll be shocked to hear this, but I've been doing work in the yard the last three afternoons. And Bucky's been napping in my lap when I take breaks. He's such a sweet baby. And he's getting so big!

What is about me being on my knees, on the floor, desperately trying to do a mod, that makes customers 100 times needier than usual? And it's always someone who needs you to put their hands on it. It's always, "I only read Greek," or "I've never been in a Walmart before in my life," "I can't see numbers," etc.

This one didn't happen while I was doing the mod, but a woman came up and asked for "liquid Benedryl". I showed her the children's Benedryl. "No, like you rub on an itch." Oh, Benedryl CREAM. I told her aisle 10, the first aid section. "Where is aisle 10?" See these bright orange signs with numbers? Count up to 10. But I phrased it a little differently.

I have never been so glad to clock out on a Friday.

A Fitz/poop story

Let me start this by saying our cat Fitz is a very fluffy cat. He's always had issues with getting poop... around the exit, so to speak. I've threatened to shave his butt since he was a kitten. This will be important.

Yesterday morning, as I frequently do, I got up, got dressed, did my internet reading, then had to have a nap before I left for work. I usually set the alarm for 6:15.

I woke up, went to put on my shoes... and smelled cat poop. No big deal, there IS a litter box, one of the cats could've just pooped. Turns out one did, but there was an incident. Fitz had gotten poop... everywhere. Like in his fur, a lot. And he'd tried to get it off, by apparently scrubbing his butt on the bathroom floor. I got my hazmat suit and cleaned him up. Now Fitz, like most cats, does not like water. It was an adventure, to say the least. I was kidding about the hazmat suit. I had to change shirts and shower in GermX, after I scrubbed the bathroom floor. When I left, Fitz was grooming himself and sulking. He wouldn't tell me goodbye.