October 9th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work was, for the third day in a row, busy, but it went by fast again.

There were a few annoying customers, though. I was doing a mod, doing the bottom shelf, on my knees and a woman wanted to know where the Ensure was. I asked of she knew where the adult diapers were... of course not. So I told her to go past the big pharmacy window, turn right and it was to the left of the fire exit. The whole time she was talking over me, so I don't know if she ever found it.

Then when I was in HBA doing section work, a woman came over and asked for wipes. Simple, right? Not really. The last time she was there, with a friend, the friend got wipes. Long wipes, in a box, and said she got them from the HBA wipe section. Except it wasn't any of them. I told her to look on the toilet paper aisle, or the baby section.