October 2nd, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: is there one? My nerves are shot. The Walmart here, in effect, stole $122 from me(they charged my account twice for the same transaction) and now won't give me the money back until I, the victim, prove that they haven't. The idiot CSM there kept telling me "it will reverse."

I opened the freezer(upright freezer), got out ground beef, and noticed later(after a shower, I was looking for a gown, this will be relevant) the door was open and WOULD NOT CLOSE. There was NOTHING blocking it. I fought with it and was pushing a stack of boxes in front of as a temporary measure when Squeaky jumped on my back. She's done this before, but I had on clothes(I told you this would be relevant). I dislodged her, and everything together finally pushed me over the edge and I just sat down and cried. I'm sure my blood pressure is high as a motherfucker.

And finally, an idiot customer story. There's this woman from the children's home who comes periodically to buy supplies. She buys pretty much the same thing every time and never knows where any of it is, despite BUYING THE SAME THINGS EVERY TIME. She caught me at the end of a day of annoying customers. I helped her find thermometer covers and told her what aisles some other stuff was on. Then she asked me for tape for bandages. She had bandages and other assorted first aid stuff. She had gauze, which is DIRECTLY OVER THE TAPE. Does she have the memory of a goldfish? Never shops at any other time whatsoever? It's a mystery.