September 18th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: it was another busy day here. I got J up reasonably early so he could take a load of aluminum cans to the recycling place in Alma so I could have so empty barrels to put more cans in. They are NOT getting in this big a mess again.

I have a really hard time not doing stuff while I'm off. I feel guilty just sitting here. Maybe on Sunday.

Around 2:30, I took Bucky to his first vet appointment, and J went to his class. Bucky got lots of compliments for being such a pretty boy, but when they started doing tests and giving shots, he wasn't such a good boy. Overall, he's in good health, but had worms and one particularly expensive parasite. He got his shots, and goes back in three weeks for boosters. He meowed pitifully the whole couple of blocks home. He didn't hold it against me, though. After I picked up another couple of barrels of cans and made dinner, I sat outside with him and he was his usual sweet self.

Country Music S1E3 "The Hillbilly Shakespeare" 1945-1953

Country Music S1E3 "The Hillbilly Shakespeare" 1945-1953

This ep covered:

Ernest Tubb(who was apparently not considered a great singer, by himself or others)

Hank Williams

Eddy Arnold

Bill Monroe He didn't come off too good here, portrayed as a vindictive person, who kept Flatt and Scruggs off the Opry for years for quitting his band. He stole Mac Wiseman from them, too. And resented Ralph and Carter Stanley for "copying" him.

Ralph and Carter Stanley - - the interview with Ralph made me sad. He looked so frail.

More about the Maddox Brothers and Rose.

Little Jimmy Dickens, who was actually the first country artist to wear a Nudie suit onstage.

Songwriters Boudleaux and Felice Bryant.

Maybelle Carter and the Carter Sisters, and Chet Atkins. They gave him his start in the business, and refused to come to Nashville unless Chet came, too(the Nashville people were afraid he would "take over").

Marty Stuart got to talk and perform in this ep.