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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
September 17th, 2019 
Country Music S1E1 "The Rub" Beginnings-1933

J and I somehow got started talking about this, and Ken Burns in general, on the way to Douglas the other day, and I said I had a love/hate relationship with him. I said he made documentaries the way Stephen King writes a book(they can get long), and I wasn't sure I wanted to see this one. Then I found out Marty Stuart was in it and J laughed at me when I told it I had to watch it now. It's actually very good.

It covers Fiddlin' John Carson, who was from Georgia, the beginnings of WSB and WSM radio, the Grand Ole Opry, Ralph Peer(he recorded all the early country music acts), Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family.

Numerous people speak about these: Marty Stuart, Carlene Carter, Roseanne Cash, Rodney Crowell, Merle Haggard(he died during the making of this), Vince Gill, Kathy Mattea... I'm sure I left someone out.

My favorite part may well be finding out that Mother Maybelle and Sara Carter rode motorcycles.
Today's good thing: I have to get back to work! I worked my ass off today. We have a huge collection of aluminum cans out back and today I filled up 5 drums(not counting the ones already filled up) and there are still plenty. I also threw away a ton of junk that had also accumulated back there. It's still pretty hot, so I had to drink a lot and take frequent breaks.

J had his 3 classes today, so after I cooled off and had a shower, I got dressed and picked dinner - - a sub for me, I didn't want anything hot - - and barbecue for J when he gets home.

Now I'm watching the second ep of Country Music and relaxing.
Country Music S1E2 "Hard Times" 1933-1945

This one covered the Maddox Brothers and Rose, Gene Autry, Bob Wills, Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl and Bill Monroe.

There was more about the Carter Family as well. I didn't actually know this, but Sara Carter left AP to marry his cousin, Coy Bayes.

There were more interviews with Marty Stuart, Roseanne Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Mac Wiseman, who looked so old and frail it made me sad.
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