September 15th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: the cats let me sleep until 9am, then Jem got tired of it and kept lying on my face trying to suffocate me until I got up.

I planned to laze around until J got up, make breakfast, then make the Turtle cake I've talked about for 2 years now. Until i discovered I forgot the dulce de leche, and misread the amounts and had to get more Turtles. So, sadly, I had to go back to Walmart.

THEN I made breakfast, and baked the layers for the cake. WHile they were baking and then cooling, I played Messenger tag with several people wanting the chifferobe. After the second-in-line came and got it, I frosted the cake and started dinner, got the garbage out and did endless dishes.

The cake is very labor-intensive, and it's good, but OMG, so sweet. J says it has too many foreign objects.