September 5th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: well, work wasn't horrible, except for the evil customers. The old woman in a cart that knocked my back endcap off its axis and has hit it several times since hit it yet again today. Then when she came back by, she backed into my cart. I hope she didn't drive herself to the store.

And yay! we have a functioning glass outside door again. I broke the handle off with my Hulk-like strength a few weeks ago. I'm kidding, it was probably as old as the house. J got a new handle and he put it on today, and tried to straighten the door, which had drooped a little. He also broke my porch chair, but that's another issue. When I got home, he was holding one of the adorable tabby kittens that we're apparently sharing with the neighbors. Anyway, now his name is Bucky and I got to cuddle him while J worked on the door.