August 1st, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work wasn't awful, even considering it was the first day of the month. It took me until around 11 to figure out why there were so many nutty people in the store, then I realized, duh, check day. And it rained this afternoon, so I didn't have to use the expensive Hazlehurst water to water my flowers.

And re: the tax thing. Help came from an unexpected source. I called my uncle to prepare him for what was going to happen. He lives right there in the middle of all of it. Now, my uncle has not always been the most generous person. My aunt was, but he was not. But when I told him, he offered to help. Meanwhile, J had called the tax collector, who told him if we could come up with a third of the money, we could pay the rest in installments. So, my uncle is loaning us the down payment. J's going to pick up a check tomorrow and go pay it. Once we get this paid off, we will decide if we want to sell the 21 acres.

Thanks for listening to me vent yesterday! You guys are as awesome as ever. Because you know I've vented here A LOT.