July 31st, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: not a bad day at work. I was busy all day, but it went by quickly, and I'm even getting to do a little inventory related stuff.

I couldn't post this on Facebook, but it looks like we will end up losing the land in Rhine to taxes. Not the part the house is on, but the 21 acres that's separate. If you recall, my brother had plans to move there and build a house a couple of years ago. He agreed to pay the taxes that were owed in exchange for 5 acres of land. I got the total for him, and assumed they were paid. That is my fault. I've been through enough shit with him to know I need to see a receipt.

Earlier this year, I got a bill from the tax office, and nearly had an aneurysm when it still showed all the taxes were still owed. I even texted Robbie and asked for a receipt because they had made a mistake. Then he told me he never paid them, and had, in fact, decided to buy land in Tennessee. J's job ended shortly after that and since we were already falling behind on the house payment here because of how little they'd been working, we worked on catching up the house payment.

There are issues with the land - - the reason we hadn't already sold it, other than sentimental reasons, is that when Robbie sold his part years ago and we split it from mine, we lost access to the 21 acres. The guy(Larry Walker) who bought Robbie's part directly borders it, but he doesn't want to give anyone an easement to get to it. The lawyer who did it was a friend of the family, a real country lawyer, and he just got a verbal agreement from Larry to give us access so they didn't have to redo the whole thing.

In any case, we're too poor to own this much freaking land! We're likely never going to move back there, and if we do, it would be to the land where the house is. J doesn't want us to lose it, he's talking about getting his 401K money and paying the taxes off, and then selling it if we have to. But I've kind of made my peace with it. I do feel guilt because of my father. It was his land and he worked hard to keep it and farmed it as long as he was able. I'm not even mad at Robbie. I'm mad at myself for thinking he'd changed, but that's my fault, not his.

I'm not asking for sympathy, I just needed to vent.