July 18th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: I'll admit, I was sorry as hell today. I did my work, but I did not go above and beyond. Have I complained enough about this heat? Did you know summer was once my favorite season? No more.

The Boys in the Band

I finally saw this. I had it on my Netflix list forever.

The roles in this seemed very stereotypical to me, but maybe that was the point? There seemed to be lot of self-loathing going on with the characters, too.

I really liked Cliff Gorman's character, Emory, a lot. And Harold, Leonard Frey's character.

Sadly, we've lost over half the cast to AIDS(Frey, Kenneth Nelson, Frederick Combs, Keith Prentice, Robert La Tourneaux, and possibly Reuben Green, although he always said he was not gay and his cause of death was released as a heart attack).

I am looking forward to Ryan Murphy's Netflix version, with Jim Parsons(Michael), Zachary Quinto(Harold) and Matt Bomer(Donald).

Today's good thing

You know how sometimes you anticipate something so much it disappoints you in the end? Yeah. Ever since I saw As I Lay Dying and In Dubious Battle, I've wanted to see this movie. It wasn't available on dvd, but was on Prime video.

I was disappointed. Admittedly, it has to be hard to translate this from book to movie.

James Franco's usual actors are here: Ahna O'Reilly, Jim Parrack, Logan Marshall-Green, Tim Blake Nelson, Brady Permenter... and for some reason, Seth Rogen, who managed to vastly annoy me in even the tiniest of parts. Loretta Devine was just fine, as always.

I probably need to rewatch it. But for now, As I Lay Dying is still my favorite.